New Kate Aspen Wedding Favors for 2011

January 11th, 2011

Happy New Year to everyone!

Our friends at Kate Aspen have many new Wedding Favors available for 2011! They made sure that no one is left behind, and have introduced a collection of beautiful and affordable favors. Make sure to check out the new coasters, photo frames, bottle openers and stoppers, place card holders, candles, bookmarks, soaps, favor boxes and much more! Just go to our New Items page to select one of the new creations, or simply go for one of the old favorites available in one of our many categories. New Favors for 2011.

Gerbera Daisy Favor Boxes

Gerbera Daisy Favor Box

Silver Pearls Frame

Silver Pearls Frame

Rituals to Personalize Your Commitment

July 15th, 2010

Here are some popular rituals to express your love and compliment your vows.

1. Unity Candle
Unity candle is a common ritual where the bride and the groom each use a candle to light a larger candle that represents their union. A unique twist on this tradition, which will allow you to involve your guests, is to design a display where they can light a candle as they enter the ceremony. By the time everyone is done the room will be filled with the glow of candlelight and will make your walk down the aisle even more romantic and meaningful.

2. Handfasting
Handfasting is a tradition where the couple joins hands (right hand to right hand) and the priest or minister ties their hands with a ribbon. To add a personal touch use heirloom fabric and keep it as a reminder of your unity and commitment.

3. Tree Planting
If you choose to have your wedding at home then a tree planting is a thoughtful and meaningful touch for your ceremony. It is your wedding day, and you won’t want to spend time digging, so make sure that the tree is almost completely planted before the ceremony. Leave some soil on the side and as a couple place a bit of it on the top of the planting to represent you coming together as one. You can watch the tree grow with your marriage.

4. Blessing of Rings
Before you exchange rings, the bands can be passed among the guest (or only close family if you have a large wedding), so that they can share their wishes for your marriage. Once the rings are returned to the altar, they are ready to be exchanged with the love and support of your closest ones.

Choosing your venue – part 2

June 20th, 2010


Restaurants can be a great place for a wedding.  You can chose one based on the location and food or for a sentimental reason (ex. You first date or a place where you got engaged).  Restaurants are often a perfect venue for couples whose guest list doesn’t exceed 100 people.  The one problem that often arises with restaurant wedding is that the dance area is too small or in some cases nonexistent.

Historic Estate

Historic Estates are becoming more and more popular as wedding venues.  An old, restored mansion can create a very romantic feel at your wedding and can also translate into amazing photos. Choosing a historic estate also allows you to save some money as it is already highly decorated, which means you’ll need fewer decorations. Some cons of this venue are that some rooms are smaller and you may have to divide your guests up, and most have strict rules regarding capacity and noise in order to protect the place from damage.


Hotels are the most popular venues for weddings for many reasons.  You will have ballrooms, courtyards and various spaces available to you on your day.  Also, you can select a wedding package and customize it to fit your personality, wants, and needs.  The wedding package includes a planner, which means that you won’t have to pay extra for a decorator.


If budget is not an issue a museum is an uncommon and unique venue which guarantees a memorable affair.  Some museums have in-house caterers, while others allow outside vendors.  However, most museums have costly fees and are not designed for large events.

Beaches and Parks

If you hometown is known for its beautiful parks and beaches why not take advantage of them.  The cost for your ceremony is minimal ($50-$100 for a permit), you’ll be in open air, with plenty of space and light, and the photos will be amazing.  You can also have your reception there, but make sure you have a tent in case of rain.  The downsides are that some parks and beaches have restrictions on noise, glass bottles and drinking.

Choosing your venue – part 1

June 18th, 2010

After “Will you marry me?” comes the question “Where and when?”.  This is often how the wedding planning starts.  Choosing your venue can be difficult so here are some different options that you may want to think about before choosing the perfect place for your wedding.


There is no place like home! Having your wedding at home or at your summer house allows you to share a place that is meaningful to you with your guests.  It creates an intimate atmosphere and will put your guests at ease. More importantly you’ll have all the comforts of your home on your big day when things can get a bit hectic.  Some downsides of a home wedding are: You will probably need to rent a tent and portable bathrooms (depending on the number on guests) and often these costs add up.  Also, the biggest issue is parking. Your options are to have valet parking or get your guests to park somewhere else.


The most traditional weddings are held at churches or synagogues. More and more houses of worship are starting to offer beautiful reception halls for the reception.  It is often much easier for you and your guests to have the ceremony and the reception at the same place, and also it gives you a chance to cut down on the transportation costs.  However, most of these places don’t offer catering, which can be both good and bad. On one hand it gives you the freedom to choose your own caterers and the food that you like, but on the other hand it means that you’ll have to spend more time finding the perfect caterers.  Also, they may or may not offer linens and tableware, which again means that you would have to do extra work.  Finally, keep in mind that most houses of worship have strict limitations on the noise level, and the length of the parties.

Country Club

If you are going for the elegant, fancy, black tie affair then a country club is a perfect place for you. Country clubs are usually surrounded by beautiful landscape grounds, classic furnishing and space for both your ceremony and reception.  Also you will have in house catering and experienced staff who will make sure that everything is flowing smoothly.  However, you will have to go with their caterers, which are often more expensive. Also, beware of hidden charges. Make sure you cover everything from A to Z when discussing the details with the person in charge.

Few reception music tips

June 15th, 2010

A great way to save money on your wedding is to use an iPod. It’s cheap and easy.  You don’t need to be nervous about the sound system because you can rent big speakers and plug them into the iPod.  The worst case scenario is that the iPod doesn’t work, so make sure to have a backup plan (another iPod with the same song list). iPods can be left on shuffle, but have someone in charge of changing the playlists from cocktail to dinner and so on.

Creating a reception list can be daunting so it is always a good idea to start building the list a month before the wedding.  Remember, the list is not set in stone so you can change it or add new songs whenever you like.

Also, to make it easier for yourself, instead of having one long list break it down into three smaller lists: cocktail, dinner and dancing.  For cocktails you’ll want to have something laid back, dinner go with soft music and the dancing list should be full of uplifting, fun songs to let the people know it is time to party.

Brides and grooms always wonder what the best way is to guarantee a good mix, and the rule is usually seven to one. For every seven songs have one slow one. The slow songs will give couples time to connect and singles to catch their breath. Also, a mix of classics and newer stuff is a must if you want everyone to enjoy your party.

One thing to remember: a wedding is not a concert. During cocktails and dinner people will be talking so the music should blend into the background.  Once it’s time to party you can crank the volume up.

Cash Bar: Yay or Nay?

May 20th, 2010

For most people a wedding is usually the biggest bash they’ll have to organize, and it is every couples dream to have the best party ever.  And what is a party without booze??? Alcohol is one of the more costly parts of weddings, so couples often ask themselves “Cash bar: Yay or Nay?”  Unfortunately for all those who are on a strict budget and were hoping to save on alcohol, having a cash bar is an ultimate no-no if you want to follow the rules of wedding etiquette. Remember, your wedding day is your wedding day, which means you have to be a gracious, kind and hospitable host and that includes paying for all the expenses.  Think about it, would you charge your friends for the alcohol when they come over for dinner? Probably not, so don’t do it at your wedding!  You don’t want people remembering your wedding as a cheap event where they had to pay extra to have some fun.

If you are on a tight budget you may want to consider the combination approach, where you would provide each guest with 2-3 drink tickets (any amount over that, they would have to pay themselves).  This will not be seen as cheap, but as a great way to encourage responsible drinking.  Also, another way to save on booze is to go and buy it yourself.  If you go to wineries and buy big amounts, often you will be able to get good deals, and if you choose to go to liquor stores you will be able to return any leftover alcohol.  However, if you do choose to go with the cash bar make sure that you let your guests know ahead of time, so no one is take by surprise. Cheers!



Beach Wedding Tips

April 17th, 2010

beach weddingThe summer is fast approaching, and what could be more romantic than a beach wedding.  Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to ensure that your special day doesn’t turn sour for you and your guests.

When you decide to have your wedding ceremony by the sea, timing is everything. Having the ceremony midday could result in heat strokes and agitated guests, but if you marry too late in the evening beware of biting bugs.  The perfect time to say your “I do’s” on a beach is in the late afternoon because most beach goers will be gone and your sunset photos will be gorgeous.

Also don’t forget to file for permits.  You don’t want to find out when it’s too late, that you’re not allowed to be there.

Beach weddings are romantic on a clear sunny day. However, the weather doesn’t always cooperate.  Make sure you’re ready and have an indoor back up plan.  Also, remember beaches are windy.  Keep your decoration simple and well secured.

Finally, don’t forget to give your guests a heads up that the ceremony will be on the sand and to wear appropriate shoes.  It’s a good idea to have a basket of personalized flip-flops ready for guest to grab (they can also serve as your wedding favors).

flips flops favor

Stylish and comfy!

15 Tips – How to Save Money on Your Wedding

April 13th, 2010
  1. Finding a good photographer can be really expensive.  Try going to websites like Leave a message saying that you are looking for a photographer.  You will get many answers, and most people are photography students, or graduates looking for their break, and are going to be much cheaper.
  2. Decorate your cake.  Look for designs on the internet of what you would like your cake to look like.  Buy a plain cake and find a friend or a family member who can decorate it for you with fresh flowers, or anything else you would like to use.
  3. Have your ceremony and reception at the same place.  Often you’ll be able to get a better deal and you transportation costs will be lower.
  4. Buy your own alcohol.  Shop around to find great prices.  Most people will be willing to cut you a deal when you buy a few cases.  Also, you can return any left over alcohol and get some money back.
  5. Buy larger flowers.  The bigger the flowers the less you will need for decorations and for your bridal bouquet.
  6. Buy your dress rather than having it made, it’s going to save you a lot of money.
  7. Buy shoes that you will be able to wear again.  The shoes don’t have to be white, but they should match the color scheme of your wedding.
  8. Get your groom to rent or buy a suit rather than a tuxedo.  He’ll be able to wear the suit again, either to work, other weddings, baptisms etc.
  9. Cut down on the list.  Big weddings are great, but they also cost a lot of money.  Sit down with your fiancée, and choose your closest friends and family members, people who you want to share your special day with.
  10. Decorations can start at $2000 and go way higher. Use your bridal party to help you decorate, and save some mullah. Things like chair covers, and sashes and centerpieces can all be done with the help of your friends.
  11. If your bridesmaids are your closest friends, ask them if it would be all right if they paid for their own dresses.  This would give them more freedom to buy what they like and feel comfortable in. However, ask them to stay with the colors of the wedding.
  12. This is a technological era.  Use your computer to design your own invitations. This will make them more personal and you can get everything you want.  When you are happy with your design take them to a printing shop, it will save you some money.
  13. Another way to save on invitations is to hand deliver them. It can be a really nice surprise for your guests!
  14. Everyone loves a spring wedding, however, they usually cost quite a bit more.  Getting married during the off season (November-April) can save you money on the venue, catering, decorations etc.
  15. Set a budget and stick to it!                    wedding cake

Toasting At Weddings

April 10th, 2010

Nowadays it is common for people other than the best man to speak and toast at weddings.  The maid of honor, groom’s or/and bride’s parents, and even bridesmaids are often a part of the speech giving at weddings.  The couple should decide a head of time who they would like to speak on their special day and in what order.

The best two times to have the speeches are during the meal (to provide some entertainment for the guests while they are eating) or after the first dance.  Either way, you’ll want to do it at the beginning… before the alcohol starts taking over.  Don’t forget to give a heads up to the speakers so that they are seated at their table and ready to go.

Toasting can be nerve-racking for some people, so here are some useful tips. Toasts should be positive and should end with a wish of happiness for the newlywed couple. The toast givers should always introduce themselves and mention their connection to the couple.  If the speaker has known the bride or the groom for a long time they should feel free to tell a few anecdotes, but keep it clean as the toast shouldn’t embarrass or make people uncomfortable.  The speakers must make sure to keep the focus on the bride and groom rather than themselves.  And finally: Keep it short! Three minutes is plenty of time to say what you want to say.

Toasting at Weddings

Bridal Beauty Tips

April 2nd, 2010

We’ve all seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where Tula (the bride) faces a problem on her wedding day—a huge zit on her face. Now, you can try to use her father’s remedy “Windex” or you can try some of these tips and tricks to camouflage the problem and let your beauty shine through.

Bridal Tips

Oh Nooo..

1. Pimple
If you wake up on your wedding day with a humongous pimple on your face don’t panic, and most importantly do not pop it. Try putting ice on it to reduce the swelling. Also, try a yellow or green based color correcting concealer to reduce the redness. Finish of with your regular concealer.

2. Dark Undereye Circles
All brides want to look perfect on their wedding day, so if you’re faced with dark circles under your eyes here is what to do. Choose a concealer that matches your skin. You don’t want to go too light because extremely white circles under your eyes are not attractive either. Once you have your perfect color, lightly pat (do not rub) the concealer from the inner corner of your eye to the center. Finish with foundation.
Bridal Care3. Dry skin
Bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, whoever you are, dry skin can be a problem on a day where you’ll be wearing more make up than usual. The best solution is to keep hydrated well before the wedding day. Also, don’t forget to moisturize twice a day to keep your skin nourished and beautiful for that special day.
4. Freckles
Freckles are not a problem! They are cute and sexy, and they are what your man (the groom) fell in love with. So embrace them! Use sheer foundation to even out any discoloration and let your feckless shine through on your wedding day.

What are wedding favors?

April 2nd, 2010

Wedding favors are small gifts given by the bride and the groom to their guest as a sign of appreciation or gratitude.  Favors can either be made by the couple or bought.  Some couples prefer to make their own favors such as cookies, CDs with their favorite songs or simple thank you cards.  However, if you’re planning a wedding you know how much time it takes to organize and plan everything and sometimes there is just not enough time to make the favors yourself.  Even if you are a budget bride and don’t want to spend a fortune on these little gifts, you can still find some unique and cheap favors online.  Here are a few suggestions:

Wine Wedding Favors

A practical favor for wine lovers

Bride and Groom Photo Album

12 of your pictures to remind guests of your special day

Practical Wedding Favors

If you think wedding favors are a waste of money because your guests are not likely to use them, try looking up practical wedding favors.  Things like wine bottle or letter openers, bookmarks, key chains and albums are both elegant and useful things you can give at your wedding.  Think about what you would like to receive at a wedding and try to find something similar to give to your loved ones on your special day.

Beach Favors

Refreshing as an ocean breeze

Flip-Flop Luggage Tag

Beach Flip-Flops Favor

Beach Weddings Favors

If you’re planning to tie the knot on a beach you can use seashell scented soaps (as low as $1.33 each) as both your favors and decorations.  Another great idea, which is both useful and practical for destination wedding is a Flip-Flop Luggage Tag (as low as $1.40 each), which will remind your guest of your wedding every time they travel.

Winter Wedding Favors

Winter weddings are not as common, but regardless they are still very romantic.  Light blue or white decorations create a winter wonderland mood and things like “Embossed Elegance” Snowflake Favor Box or Glass Ornaments can give it a winter feel. Other things such as Snowflake Bottle stoppers can also be a great way to thank your guest for coming.

Winter Favors

Brr.. and stylish