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Are you going for a romantic feel at your wedding? Then candle favors are perfect for you. Romantic candle wedding favors are always a great way to light up your wedding and your guests' faces. Check out our selection of scented, sculpted and personalized candle wedding favors. You'll be sure to find a perfect candle favors for your special day!

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Using candle wedding favors is a great way to celebrate your wedding. They are fun and very cost effective. With a vast selection of candle wedding favors and Ellas Wedding Favors you can rest assured that you will make your special day memorable.

These candle wedding favors will add a very romantic touch to your wedding day. These wedding favours will not only light up your room but will light up the faces of your guests. Here you will find our large selection of scented, sculpted and personalized candle wedding favors. A candle with a unique shape can make an inexpensive and unique wedding favor.

For a simple wedding favor all you need is a votile candle and a little of imagination to remind your guests of a wedding day. Flowers and candles are a must at a wedding and if you combine these two you will come up with candle wedding favors. There are many designs to choose from and you can be sure that your guests will appreciate them.

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