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Thanks for Strolling By! Baby Carriage Notebook Gift Set
As low as $0.58
Nothing 'cries' out BABY quite like a baby carriage.
Baby Shower Gel
As low as $1.95
Sometimes you just need to be pampered. These shower gels are it when it comes to being pampered.
Baby Shower Hand Cream
As low as $1.08
This delicate "whipped" blend of peonies, jasmine and white lilies is sure to become every girl's favorite.
Baby Shower Lip Balm
As low as $0.69
Guests can pucker up with these sweet cases of vanilla flavored lip balm.
Baby Shower Mint Tins
As low as $0.77
Send off guests with something they can slip into their purses and start using right away.
A Baby Shower Umbrella Tape Measure
As low as $0.79
This baby 'shower' key chain tape measure in the shape of an umbrella is all wrapped up and ready to go.
Time for Baby Egg Timer
As low as $2.28
Time is ticking and they're expecting!
Beaded Snowflake Ornaments
As low as $1.14
An ornament is defined as an accessory used to beautify the appearance of an object.
Bridal Shower Gel
As low as $1.95
These luxurious shower gels will leave guests feeling pampered from head to toe.
Love is Aflutter Butterfly Place Card Holders (set of 12)
As low as $1.43
Hold on to your place cards, they may just flutter away!
Chair Place Card Boxes (set of 12)
As low as $0.27
A chair they'll stand up for! Now that's one sweet seat.
Cherry Blossom Chopsticks
As low as $0.70
Each pair of chopsticks comes packaged in a clear sleeve and tied with a white satin bow
Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
As low as $1.08
The cherry blossom has been known throughout the world to symbolize femininity and spiritual beauty.
Cherry Blossom Lip Balm
As low as $0.69
Indulge guests in these tiny cases of luxurious vanilla flavored lip balm.
Cherry Blossom Mint Tins
As low as $0.77
These cherry blossom mint tins will give your event the soft touch of romance you're looking for.
Damask Mint Tins
As low as $0.77
These retro chic Damask Tins can show off your hip and modern style.
Diamond Shaped Crystal Paperweight - Large
As low as $4.55
Of course, every bride would like to shower her loved ones with precious jewels to commemorate her wedding day.
Diamond Shaped Crystal Paperweight - Medium
As low as $2.27
Your guests will think you're a real gem-and you'll know that diamonds are a girl's best friend!
Diamond Shaped Crystal Paperweight - Small
As low as $1.35
These rocks come in a satin-lined gift box worthy of a real jewel
Glass Photo Coasters
As low as $0.94
The search is finally over for a unique product that can be a place card holder and favor in one.
A Leisurely Game of Love Golf Ball Tape Measure
As low as $0.79
This handy tape measure in the shape of a golf ball can make the 'par-fect' gift for your guests.
Hooked on Love Purse Hooks
As low as $2.28
Get your girlfriends "hooked on love" with these ultra hip fashionable purse accessories.
A Jewel From the Sea Seashell Bookmark
As low as $1.31
This stunning stainless steel bookmark is the perfect complement to a relaxing seaside atmosphere
Love Blooms Flower Place Card Holders (set of 12)
As low as $1.43
Celebrate your love when the weather is warms and flowers are blooming.
Measure Up Some Love Heart Tape Measure
As low as $0.98
Guests can 'measure up some love' with these heart shaped tape measures.
Mark the Date Snowflake Bookmarks
As low as $1.22
A stunning stainless steel bookmark carved into an enchanting snowflake.
Marked with Love Heart Bookmark
As low as $1.31
Each silver colored heart comes in its very own shimmery white book shaped folder.
Mini Cube Boxes - Aqua Blue (set of 12)
As low as $0.37
Nestled inside can be sweet treasures of your choice.
Mini Cube Boxes - Black (set of 12)
As low as $0.37
Get more creative, and give your wedding favors a personal touch with ribbons, satin bows and pretty paper.
Mini Cube Boxes - Brown (set of 12)
As low as $0.37
Imagine your reception tables elegantly finished with a modern chocolate brown colored gift box for each guest.